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KeyTalk in a nutshell

KeyTalk is an internationally operating Dutch software company that delivers complementary IT security solutions in strong authentication and secure data-in-motion protection. Our worldwide patented technology allows us to automatically and securely distribute and install thousands of digital short lived (X.509) certificates per second to any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Internet of Things device. This results in a classic PKI-based security infrastructure but with less overhead and maintenance.

6 clear steps that describe below how our short lived certificates work.

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How short lived SSL certificates work

  The KeyTalk client (or SDK) triggers the authentication to obtain a certificate from the KeyTalk virtual appliance.
(2)  The KeyTalk appliance verifies the authentication credentials against the customer’s authorative source.
(3)  The authorative source approves (or denies) the authentication.
(4)  KeyTalk verifies the hardware fingerprint of the device and creates the certificate and key-pair.
(5)   The certificate and key-pair are sent to the client device (such as an IP-camera, smartphone or laptop) from the KeyTalk virtual appliance. [In the background, the KeyTalk’s client (or SDK) installs the obtained certificate and key-pair. And uninstalls the old one.]
(6)  A highly secure connection is established between client and server by means of 2 way SSL certificate authentication.


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