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KeyTalk provides integrated IT security solutions in the field of Certificate and (crypto) Key Management (PKI) and strong authentication.

KeyTalk’ s Certificate and Key Management System (CKMS) is capable of managing, distributing and installing certificates from multiple public and internal CA’s to any endpoint device running on any OS.

Our CKMS makes it possible for end users to easily send and receive encrypted email based on S/MIME certificates and a key roll-over mechanism so users can send and read their encrypted email from multiple user devices.

 Build-in hardware recognition of endpoint devices provides an optional extra factor of authentication.


What we do at KeyTalk

KeyTalk is an internationally operating Dutch IT security company. We deliver a patented Certificate and Key Management system, capable of fully automated management of complex PKI infrastructures.  With KeyTalk’s platform customers can protect their data-in-motion based on 2SSL protection and 2-factor authentication.  In the context of the new GDPR legislation the KeyTalk CKMS is the cornerstone for complex IT infrastructures, secure online portals, encrypted email, digital signing solutions, secure apps and IoT devices, all protected against man-in-the-middle attacks.

 One step to security - Automated Intelligence by keytalk
KeyTalk gives you an effortless 2 way authenticated SSL connection
KeyTalk gives you an effortless 2 way authenticated SSL connection.

One step to security

automated Intelligence by keytalk

Certificates. Encryption. Cryptography. PKI. Registration authority. Public Keys. These are not simple terms to talk about. Take a dive into our technology. Here’s how KeyTalk speaks to you with our solution.

KeyTalk in action

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KeyTalk: An introduction
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Automotive solutions
Video cover Internet of Things
The Internet of Things 
Video cover technical overview
Technical overview
Video cover Server SSL Certificate

Server SSL Certificate

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Network Integrations
Short lived digital SSL certificates for virtually any device

Worldwide patented technology

certificate and key managment made easy               
Our worldwide patented technology can do fully automated enrolement and installation of non-public internal certificates and public certificates from any trusted CA, to any network domain, on virtually any device running on any OS. Like a recently issued passport, KeyTalk keeps your infrastructure safe and creates an ecosystem of trusted devices, all protected against man-in-the-middle attacks. 

Goodbye tech talk
Hello KeyTalk

Backed by veterans of the security industry, KeyTalk just works. KeyTalk’s solutions integrate with firmware via API, decrease costs, scales the security of your Internet of Things and goes beyond traditional PKI's.

Beyond Public Key Infrastructure

Beyond PKI:
Large organizations wrestle with the bureaucracy of their Public Key Infrastructure. KeyTalk tackles the seamless distribution, short lived certificates and IT burdens while saving you time and money. Read our Beyond PKI White Paper.

Secure Connect for Applications

Secure Connect for Applications:
Strong authentication to applications such as SAP or Salesforce without physical tokens or software generators. KeyTalk uses 2-way certificates for authentication and matching devices to users. Read our Securing Applications Case Study.

Strong VPN Authentication

Strong VPN Authentication:

Strong VPN Authentication is about authenticating to a VPN with more than just a username and password. It's about convenience for the end-user. Our VPN solution facilitates that. Read our Strong VPN Authentication Case Study.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things:
Creatively and securely connecting cars, IP cameras and other objects, KeyTalk provides organizations scalability in connections between the physical world and computer based systems. Read our Internet of Things Case Study.

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