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Our worldwide patented technology provides our Certificate and Key Management System the possiblility to automatically and securely distribute and install thousands of public SSL or S/MIME,  or non-public device certificates per second to any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or Internet of Things device. This results in a classic PKI-based security infrastructure but without the overhead and maintenance.

Here’s how KeyTalk provides complementary value:

  • Large customers increasingly need to connect remotely to their corporate databases using laptops and other mobile devices from a non-corporate VPN environment. This connection needs to be 100% secure. With KeyTalk it's easy. 

  • Customers are shifting more and more to using ‘apps’ on mobile devices to query specific corporate data and need to do so in a secure manner. Mobile Device Management (MDM) implementation is time consuming and most MDM solutions are hard to combine with a 'Bring Your Own Device' (BYOD) policy. 

  • Companies need to provide improved security to their web servers. A typical one-way authenticated https connection does not provide enough protection against ‘phishing’ and ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks like KeyTalk does.

  • With KeyTalk you have a Certificate and Key Management System for your complete IT Infrastructure, you can manage certificates and keys from any network domain, any OS, on any device. The patented key management provides key rollover, so encrypyted email can be generated and read from multiple user devices. 

  • Due to KeyTalk's technique of uniquely "fingerprinting" your communications device, strong authentication is based on a second (or multi) factor. Consequently, there is no need to use hardware tokens. Your device is your token.
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KeyTalk's solutions are used in sectors as diverse as corporate enterprises, finance, telecommunications, government, e-commerce, healthcare, video gaming, automotive and many others.

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